Time in Africa


January 16, 2013 by Rob Gardiner

Flag_of_Tanzania.svgAndrew spent the two months preceding our departure in Tanzania, helping out at the Upendo Children’s Home. Here is some of what he had to say about his time, whilst he was there.

I’m having a great time in Buswelu, and don’t get into Mwanza very often. We’re pretty cut off from the world…

…There is loads to do, so we are pretty busy and the days go quickly. I have been eating the local fare with impunity so far, and it tastes pretty good most of the time. A meal of Rice and Goat in the local cafe costs about 60p, and there is usually a duck or two wandering round the floor for your entertainment. Everyone is very friendly, and the atmosphere around Buswelu (our peri-urban village) is great…

…I have been doing loads of things, from ordering building supplies to helping kids with school work, to shovelling soil to taking them to a health clinic (5 cases of Malaria, 4 of Intestinal worms, and various assorted other things between 7 kids).

You can still donate money to the Upendo Children’s Home here.

Where the Upendo Children’s Home is located:

One thought on “Time in Africa

  1. Anne Gardiner says:

    Thanks – that’s really interesting. Hope that Andrew is taking his anti-malarial drugs !

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