Kneed For Speed Deutschland


April 15, 2013 by loscobos12


We finally left the Rhine valley to return to its usual ethereal tranquillity, and turned our haphazard attentions to the forests and towns of Bavaria. As the landscape evolved, so too did our fortunes. To cut several long stories kneedlessly and confusingly short: torrential rain was experienced, knees were injured, bikes were fallen off, and Andrew displayed all the navigational prowess of a man who still thinks the earth is flat. All experiences we may well not have survived without the warm welcomes of our Warm Shower hosts: Heike, Steffan, Debbie, Maria and Tina. Fortunately in the small Bavarian village of Otterfing, fings changed for the better and we found ourselves under the indubitable hospitality of the town Bürgermeister. To truncate another story; beers were drunk, food was eaten, and hangovers were had.


All of which brings me to today: I come to you from the glamorous location of a burger king, in the small Austrian town of Kufstein in the foothills of the Alps. Tomorrow the climbing begins…

4 thoughts on “Kneed For Speed Deutschland

  1. Rick Havely says:

    Love it!! Keep it up! Kneed more blogs!!! Rick-the-Knee

  2. Glad to see Josh got himself a nice helmet on the way – Miles better than Bob der Baumeister 🙂

  3. […] Kneed For Speed Deutschland ( […]

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