Far; a long long way to go.


April 18, 2013 by loscobos12


Josh presenting tea in front of Lake Bled

If the hills ever were alive with the sound of music, then they must have spent the last few days slowly and painfully expiring, as Josh and Andrew sang their way through Austria like Andrew Lloyd Webber’s worst nightmare. Our journey through the country has however been sadly devoid of nuns, and happily devoid of Dick van Dyke.

The climbing has been hard, and the descents brutal, but as we enter our fifth country, Slovenia, we are feeling ever fitter and in ever more stunning surroundings.

We are currently camped in the vampiric surroundings of Lake Bled in Slovenia. After a day of cycling over alpine passes, it was more than we could manage not to hurl ourselves into it’s glacial depths.

Now, to satiate your modern appetites for quantifiable information, here are some stats from the trip so far:

4 – the number of times Josh has fallen off his bike (in three different countries).

1524 – the number of kilometres cycled so far.

8 – the number of Austrian bus shelters we’ve seen Pierce Brosnan advertising pasta in.

2 – the number of punctures suffered (both by Andrew).

1 – the number of cat food sachets mysteriously found in Rob’s panniers.

3 – the number of wheat beers drunk over a Bavarian breakfast before cycling over 100km.

10,136 – the number of metres climbed so far.

6 thoughts on “Far; a long long way to go.

  1. Matthew Phillips says:

    Such a shame Esme isn’t with you to eat the cat food you found in Robert’s panniers!

  2. Uncle Robert Gardiner says:

    Wow! I missed giving you a ring to wish you well – and in a blink your in bits of the world that didn’t exist when I was young. From: the other Robert Gardiner

  3. Schweizer says:

    Andrew, the king of punctures!!! 🙂 🙂

  4. ann chappell says:

    you do realise Dick van Dyke was never in the sound of music…..that’s why you didn’t see him! He was in Mary Poppins. Well, there’s your next song. Supercallifragalisticexpialadocious. Which I’m sure Josh can sing even if I can’t spell it. ha ha. well done boys. ann c xxx

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