Current Efes


May 9, 2013 by loscobos12


Having spent more time loitering round embassies than Julian Assange, we finally have permission to enter both Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. The Kazakh visa is taking much longer, but I’ll leave you to draw your own parallels with certain low-brow comedies.

      Between waiting impatiently for former-Communist bureaucracies , we tried our hands at behaving like members of society capable of absorbing culture which can’t be reached on two wheels. In an ambitious effort to help delay the rapid social regression which has set in since leaving England; we spent as much time as possible apart, assisted by Ruth, Teesh, several flare-wielding mobs, and copious amounts of questionable Bulgarian vodka.

Josh, Andrew, Rob, Teesh, and Ruth

     Not wanting to risk full re-integration, we are now returning to our bikes in Montenegro. Next stop: Albania.


Quiff upper lip

11 thoughts on “Current Efes

  1. john says:

    Not sure if you look more like a gay barbershop choir or Ghengis Khan’s stable lads.
    Must have been in the que for the Kazahk visa at the time.

  2. ann chappell says:

    What a wanted poster, no wonder its taking a while for your visa. they have a lot to consider before they let you 3 in to their country! or even back into ours without a thorough grooming!!! glad you had a good time, now get on with it. ann x

  3. Matthew says:

    So you’ve swapped your beard for a moustache!

  4. Dave says:

    That expression matches the tache.

  5. Keith Falshaw says:

    Boys catching up with your adventure a bit later than planned, but I feel like I’m on tour now.
    Go for it!!

  6. Glen Bradbury says:

    Success.I’ve finally cauught up with you at the library. You do look a set of reprobates. I think that’s the right word. Well done so far anyway;I do feel envious of how the world has opened up for you all.Contiinue to hhave some fun along the way. granny

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