May 28, 2013 by loscobos12

As we crossed the physical boundary from Macedonia into Bulgaria, so Rob crossed all boundaries of social decency wıth his latest Lycra outfit, which meets on the fashion spectrum somewhere between Bradley Wiggins and Dame Edna Everage.



The Lord works in mysterious ways however, and what seemed little short of grotesque to Andrew and Josh, had Rob literally pursued from the towns and villages of Bulgaria by amorous fans. We headed for the hills, and found shelter amongst the goat-herds and mountain-folk who, luckily, seemed impervious to Rob’s tightly-wrapped charms. Casting ourselves from society, we even established our own time-zone: ‘Eastern Touriental Time’, and were only jolted from our semi-feral existence one morning by the sight of a roadsign which read: ‘GREECE 37’.


Josh tries his hand at unaided flight

We headed for Greece lıke Lightnin’, only to discover that our only guidebook to the country was written in the late 70s by one J Travolta. It recommended only very brief visits to the country, so; tearing up the quarter mile, we headed for Turkey.


Reflecting on the day

The European stretch went in a blur of traffic and tarmac. We picked up our fınal (Kazakh) vısa, and took the ferry to Asia. Now, toiling under the Anatolian sun, we head towards Cappadocia, fuelled by the athlete’s best friend: the kebab.

The world at our feet

The world at our feet

8 thoughts on “Vulgaria

  1. Matthew says:

    After googleing Dame Edna Everage I finally understand the joke.

  2. Keith Falshaw says:

    Good lycra, as opposed to that which us middle aged blokes wear. Keep going boys!!

  3. Jeff says:

    excellent guys, glad to hear it’s all going well and you’re safe (so far). is central asia ready for *those* outfits? I doubt it,.

  4. Anne says:

    Rob – just love it ! I think it’s the specs that add the Dame Edna touch but carry on it looks good. Like the photo taken in the tractor mirror – does that mean that you hitched a lift?? Glad to hear that there is time to enjoy kebabs.
    Lads – please remember to use some sun cream ….

  5. ann chappell says:

    josh, you are obviously trying to replicate one of your fathers many famous attempts at flight! look where that got him!
    Take care men.

  6. Brezhnev's Brow says:

    Thought it was about time I said hello.

    You jokers look like you’re having a rare ball. I hear you can buy some top-class excess cold war weaponry there, I’m thinking of a Christmas present Josh…

    I’m sweating my arse off in Japan.

    Try to arrange a skype session young one.

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