Norway This Is a Good Idea


May 24, 2016 by Rob Gardiner


Tourient Express in all our glory

It’s that time again. Time to forgo showering. Time to embrace the pain of aching muscles. Time to return to a diet consisting entirely of carbohydrates.

But it’s also time to feel the rushing speed of  a hair-raising descent. Time to feel the surge of endorphins as a summit nears. Time to relish the new vistas that lie behind every corner.

That’s right: Tourient Express will soon be back on the road. Wheeling ourselves out like a reformed 90s pop band – older, fatter and recovering from addiction (to cycling), we’re setting off on a brief reunion tour of the fjords of Norway.


Training hard

Full-time employment has curtailed our freedom somewhat, so transcontinental epics are now out of the question. But the chance of a short foray back into the world of cycle touring proved enough of a lure to reunite us all for the first time since Kyrgyzstan, in 2013.

In the intervening years a lot has changed. Andrew has bought a house, I have got a proper job and Josh has stopped trying to style his beard like Obi-Wan Kenobi. But once back on the road – reformed and reinvigorated – I’m sure we will roll back the years. Norway watch out.


Posing, not training

2 thoughts on “Norway This Is a Good Idea

  1. Ray Baugh says:

    Phew! How do you keep it up.. Er so enjoy your blogs

    Ray & Audrey.

  2. Robert Merrill says:

    Sounds great – let’s have more details!

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